Aquarius Pilot

Let’s forget the fact that it’s just another “detective show”, or the bad wigs involved, or David’s awful haircut.

Let’s talk about the bad casting of Charles Manson. Now I don’t know any of Gethin Anthony other works, So I don’t know if he’s a good actor or not.

But he’s a bad Manson.

Manson is well known to be a charismatic and manipulative, Aquarius’s Manson is neither. The Manson on the show is just a creepy guy who I really don’t understand how he convince people to follow him. I mean come on! This man is clearly crazy and there’s nothing appealing about him, he looks ok I guess but that’s it.

He just gives you a creepy ass speech about an electric snake and he looks like he’s gonna kill you and boom you fall in love? Really??!!! How does that dude can be responsible for making people murder for him?

That’s a big part of the show and it completely ruins it, you can’t build this plot on this guy, it just doesn’t work.

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