True Detective Season 2

So the writers set down and thought “What did people most liked about our show? We know! The fucked up characters!”

So what they did is take that thing they knew worked and just give a flying fuck about the rest, you don’t need a good plot, you just need fucked up characters, the more fucked up they are the better. It doesn’t matter that they’re ridiculously fucked up it’s not even relatable, as long as they are really fucked up.

You see how many times I used the words “fucked up”? That’s how they use the idea of it on the characters… Way too much!

This season is so boring, the plot is not important to them they didn’t even say why everyone cares about that dead guy. The character’s development, well, they’re fucked up and then you find out they’re fucked up some more.

This season fell for the worst notion in TV and Movies, they just want money. It doesn’t care if they don’t have anything new to say or if they don’t really have a good plot idea, as long as they over use the one thing that worked before they assume you’ll keep liking them.

And the sad thing is that it looks like people still fall for that trick. But personally, I’ll be waiting for a show with a little more thought behind it’s plot.

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