There Are 4 Kinds Of Critics

1. The Non-Critics: They don’t really criticize, they just tell you what happened. They write down the entire plot and end their post with a question mark: So what did you think about the episode?

2. The I Love Everything As Long As I Get Paid To Write About The Thing: They have only good things to say about everything they write about. They’ll never go against the mainstream, if the show has a big ratings then they love it. If the show is a fan favorite then they love it and so on and so on.

3. The elitists: They only love HBO or Showtime shows, stuff like that. If a big named actor is in it they love it, if a big named director is in it they love it. If the show won an Emmy it’s their favorite ever.

4. The actual real critics: There aren’t many of them, not in the big sites and papers anyway. They actually say what they think, if they didn’t like something on a show they love they will say it. If they didn’t like a well loved show, they’ll say it. And they will explain exactly why and what bothers them. I’m not talking about trolls, who just talk shit about everything they dislike without giving a normal explanation to WHY they hate that thing so much. Because trolls can’t explain themselves, they only hate things that people love to get on their nerves. 
No, I’m talking about people who actually list the problems they have with a show or a movie or whatever, even if it’s their favorite. Because in order to really critic something you need to be able to see it’s flaws, or to see it’s strengths, no matter how you feel about the actors in it or what others think of it. It means to not be afraid to say what you really think about the thing.
The problem is that most of the times people just disregard these OPINIONS as just trolls, and that is both sad and annoying. The fact that you can just dismiss someone else just by saying they’re a troll just because you disagree with them, it’s actually you just being a troll.

I’d like to think that I belong to the 4th kind, and if you ever disagree with my opinions feel free to start a discussion and try to show me that I’m wrong. I’d be happy to be able to actually have a civilized discussion on the internet some day.

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