Let’s talk about Arrow and Sleepy Hollow for a moment

This post contains spoilers for both shows

In the last episodes of these two shows they killed off a female lead, now let’s be completely honest: in the case of SH it was a great decision because Abbie was just a bad character.

Of course it was the writer’s fault for writing her so badly, but the acting wasn’t so good either. I personally liked the new FBI agent much better and hope she’ll stay. 

But that’s not the point, the point is shown much better in Arrow. Killing off Laurel was just stupid! And I’m not a big fan of the show but I can recognize really dumb ass sexist writing when I see it. Even in the killing of Abbie, a character I don’t care about at all.

Both these characters were killed off by one reason and one reason only: they couldn’t  have been used as a love interest for the leading male. It was clear with Laurel and Abbie and Ichabod had no chemistry what so even and it shows.

When a TV show kills off a female lead just because she can’t be a love interest are not only sexist and disgusting, this is a given, but it shows how little TV writers think of their famale audience.

“Here are some hot shirtless guys for you ladies, and their girlfriends”. This is the mind set of these writers, and in 2016 it’s about time this bullshit will end.

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