Back in the cave

Yesterday I tried to have a conversation with a friend about the new Pixar short film Borrowed Time. Now this friend is a film student and she goes to lectures about films and all that.

But when I tried to start a debate about this, and what I think about the issue, she blocked me and wasn’t very interested to talk about it. Now I don’t know if this is because she think I have no idea what I’m tallking about (tho I do have a B.A in the subject, she doesn’t know this). Or because she just doesn’t want to share or talk about what she knows.

But this is something that happens a lot lately, pepole just don’t talk about things, like really talk about them you know?

This is also the problem I have with this short film.

I mean yeah cool, this is a fucking awesome film but why don’t go all the way with it?! Why do I need to watch it online? Why don’t they have the balls to relase it like their other shorts?

If you start something, finish it! If you want to put an important issue on the table then for God’s sake PUT HIM ON THE TABLE.  I don’t want anymore singing mountains or bitchy birds, if you’re going to do a short like this then realse it the right way!

People are too afraid to try or to talk about new things in pubic. And this is what I “hate” about pixer and about socity these days. It’s like they are opening a door but keeping it shut at the same time.

And this annoy me.

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