Let’s talk about Black Mirror for a moment

*contains spoilers for the first 4 episodes of season 3


You know how it’s called BLACK mirror? So what the fuck happened to them this season???!!

Ok, first episode: What’s the difference between this one and the ones they did in the first 2 seasons? And how is it really “black”, you only have one crazy person there, the others, like the truck driver and her brother, realized this is bullshit and they are happy. So, you don’t HAVE to be in this shity game. Anyway, it was a really weak episode and I felt like her biggest problem is that she’s crazy, not that the others are.

Episode 2: Ok so what the fuck was that!?!? Like seriously! The only point you took from this waste of time is: when your mom calls you, YOU PICK UP. That’s it! That was the only point of the episode, other than that it was a lame copy of inception. I really hated this one to be honest.

Episode 3: What is wrong here? really I’m asking. They gave the cheating basterds what they got AND put away 2 pedophiles! How is this a bad use of technology??

Episode 4: Ok they are fucking kidding me right? This is literally “pink mirror”, this is just so lovey dovey and perfect future. WTF?!

Now the only thing that changed is the fact they moved to Netflix, but maybe that’s enough for them to ruin everything and start to think positive. This 4 episodes were mostly a love song for technology , and there was nothing BLACK about them.

So yeah I’m really disappointed from this season so far, and I find it hard to continue watching. If I wanted a stupid regular drama I’d watch  any other shit that’s on TV, but I was looking forward to the dystopian future this show gave us for the last 2 seasons, and I guess enough money will change even the darkest shows.

So thank you Netflix for showing me a real life black mirror.

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