Sharp Objects

Let’s talk for a moment about one of the greatest and mostly misunderstood masterpieces that was ever seen on TV.

*No spoilers*

The main problem with sharp objects is that people watch it as a murder mystery show, and it’s far from being one. This show is not a suspense show, it doesn’t have a cliffhanger at the end of every episode (not in the regular way that is) and it’s pacing is slow. That is one of the main criticism on the show, it’s pacing. But that’s because they are looking at it as a detective drama. For what the show really is the pacing is perfect.

I don’t understand how can people get so confused by what they see, I mean they literally give you ALL the answers at episode 1. They get all the out of the way for you so you could really get suck in without distractions. Yeah ok they don’t spell it out for you but it’s all there

This show, this amazing masterpiece, is about one thing and one thing only. Camille Preker’s own emotional journey. And it’s mind blowing. This show is just one big nervous system and they put you inside it. The music, the directing, the editing, the acting all pulls you into a gripping emotional journey and leave you emotionally drained after each episode. It’s so beautifully depressing and so beautifully worth it.

And I’m not even going to start with the importance of the show and the issues it put a light on. Non other show did what Sharp Objects did with these important issues. This will have to be a whole different post.

But if you watch closely, if you really pay attention to it, Sharp Objects will take you on the ride of your life.

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