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Buffy The Vampire Slayer is 20 this week, and I know that there’s a lot of “What I learned from it” posts on the internet but I wanted to made my own because this wasn’t just another TV show for … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Black Mirror for a moment

*contains spoilers for the first 4 episodes of season 3   You know how it’s called BLACK mirror? So what the fuck happened to them this season???!! Ok, first episode: What’s the difference between this one and the ones they did … Continue reading

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Back in the cave

Yesterday I tried to have a conversation with a friend about the new Pixar short film Borrowed Time. Now this friend is a film student and she goes to lectures about films and all that. But when I tried to start a debate … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Arrow and Sleepy Hollow for a moment

This post contains spoilers for both shows In the last episodes of these two shows they killed off a female lead, now let’s be completely honest: in the case of SH it was a great decision because Abbie was just … Continue reading

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TV Logic #1

Sometimes there’s no need to write a long post, a picture will do the trick P.s I can’t draw for shit, sorry.

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There Are 4 Kinds Of Critics

1. The Non-Critics: They don’t really criticize, they just tell you what happened. They write down the entire plot and end their post with a question mark: So what did you think about the episode? 2. The I Love Everything As Long … Continue reading

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True Detective Season 2

So the writers set down and thought “What did people most liked about our show? We know! The fucked up characters!” So what they did is take that thing they knew worked and just give a flying fuck about the … Continue reading

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