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Sharp Objects

Let’s talk for a moment about one of the greatest and mostly misunderstood masterpieces that was ever seen on TV. *No spoilers* The main problem with sharp objects is that people watch it as a murder mystery show, and it’s … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Black Mirror for a moment

*contains spoilers for the first 4 episodes of season 3   You know how it’s called BLACK mirror? So what the fuck happened to them this season???!! Ok, first episode: What’s the difference between this one and the ones they did … Continue reading

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True Detective Season 2

So the writers set down and thought “What did people most liked about our show? We know! The fucked up characters!” So what they did is take that thing they knew worked and just give a flying fuck about the … Continue reading

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Aquarius Pilot

Let’s forget the fact that it’s just another “detective show”, or the bad wigs involved, or David’s awful haircut. Let’s talk about the bad casting of Charles Manson. Now I don’t know any of Gethin Anthony other works, So I don’t … Continue reading

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Wayward Pines – Pilot (not really a spoiler)

I will only say one thing, and I think that it’s pretty much sums it all up: He rolled the car window down…. The same car window he smashed five minutes earlier. I just hope it really will end after … Continue reading

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Supergirl Pilot ( no spoilers)

So I watched the pilot and it reminded me a little of Smallville, and not in a good way. The show seems to try too hard to be feminist that it just plain chauvinist. Most of the male characters are portrayed … Continue reading

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Bron\Broen And The Bridge FX – Acting

I watched the two versions of this show and I have a lot to say about both, especially the American version and how they took an amazing show and somehow managed to completely fuck it up. Maybe I’ll write a different post about it … Continue reading

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